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The Door

What is the difference, oh Lord,
Which of my clothes
I pick?
Which dented hope can I still afford,
To whom of those
I stick?

And all is vanity and sway:
Ecclesiastes saw
It well.
And who to whom shall thus repay
The opened door
Won't tell.

I hit the target on its edge
Now is a plus,
Not them.
The opened door is not a pledge
And here thus
I am.

11 February 2011


Steady, my knife,
All I want just to carve it.
I don't want any harm
I don't feel any pain
You will know in time
My sincere intention
Oh, my statue of late,
All that's thrown away.

16 November 2010

The Public and the Experts

The comparison from the art perception point of view
This is another summary essay from my other discussion on 1X.com, a photography site. The original discussion is called The Public and the Elite. Well, Elite proved to be hugely unpopular with the discussion participants, so over time the notion was changed to Experts. My ideas stayed the same though.

This essay is about how the Public and the Experts perceive, or view, or understand a specific art, using photography for most of the examples. The whole essay below is applicable to photography, but I often write about art in general, because if there is a tendency across arts, would not it be interesting to note so? The essay will mostly talk how Expert and Public tastes are different. I stress that the Expert/Public distinction is not the only factor that affects our perception, or our likes and dislikes. Other important factors exist as well, but their discussion is outside of the scope of this essay.

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Первая мысль (First thought)

 Имеется в виду, что это - моя первая отдельная мысль, записанная здесь, на моей странице.

Политические убеждения неявно подразумевают, что из сложной, многофакторной жизни можно вычленить стройную непротиворечивую систему взглядов, которые нам нравятся.

What I mean by the first thought here, is that this is my first self-contained thought here. 

Political convictions are a subconscious way of thinking that complex life around us with its many factors at play can bе summed up by a coherent belief system comprised by the ideas that we like.

Мысли и эссе (Thoughts and essays)

 Давно подумывала писать здесь отдельные мысли тоже, по-русски и по-английски. Посмотрю, как пойдет. Так что теперь мысли могут быть оформлены и как эссе, и как просто мысли, в зависимости от их длины, разумеется :-). Буду помечать, если мысли заимствованные.

Thought for a while about writing down my thoughts here as well, both in Russian and in English. Will see how it goes. So now my thoughts here can be expressed both by means of an essay, or just a musing, depending on the thought length, of course. I'll be noting if I take the idea elsewhere.

Photography perception and photography rules

This essay has been written as a summary of my discussion on an international photography site, 1X.com, within its Philosophy of Photography sub-forum. While this essay is somewhat specialized, its main ideas stem from my more general idea about art perception as a sum of positive and negative factors. The essay describes a model of mostly professional photography perception. It is argued that following rules and using recipes in a particular picture plays a major role in its perception. A similar perception model can be applied to poetry as well, but this discussion is outside of the scope of this essay.

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Down the lens hole

To photography
This is life: uncomposed, non-sharp, misaligned.
Random subjects and objects come in, mess it up, stay or leave.
Pretty picture it isn't: you would have to be utterly blind   
To consider your life not to have a few tricks up its sleeve.

So you have a few tools and your vision to alter the world,
Not too much, just for people who care to look and to see
How life is transformed, how harmonies yield and unfurl
In the limited space of the glowing, pixeled screen.

June 10, 2010

CCC Quarry Field Trip Report

Now it's a sheer wonder why
A mere call, not even a cry,
Is all we need to go nowhere
To sit and sift with no despair.

Take Kevin's trip to his CT:
Feldspar and quartz, and mica sheets.
That's roughly it, oh yeah, some garnet.
That's Peter's find: it does not count.
He always finds where others fail:
One cannot measure with this scale.

Come afternoon, we trek again
It's hot and humid, feels like hell
The finds? Not bad though not exciting
Not good enough to list in writing.

By far my best find of the day -
An old military pail,
Handmade by a smith of the yore,
Left in the woods to rot some more.

Haddam, CT
August 30, 2009



Eyes wide open and skeptical,
Contemplating the outcome,
Fully sensing my eagerness,
I observe myself wearily.

Here lies a non-trivial
Choice between possibilities,
Yes and no, just two of them,
Changing life irrevocably.

Doing nothing is one of them,
So safe and predictable,
A check mark is a sure thing
In the credit part of my karma book.

Shall I opt for the other choice,
One that yields the uncertainty,
That will test my ability
To withstand the temptation net?

Is the choice an allurement trap?
Should I be content with not knowing
The degree to which I'll be altered
By the rays of the darkness sun?

August 14, 2009